Good Content Writing

Good Content Writing

Many businesses now understand that content is king when it comes to your website. Here are some helpful tips when creating content that gets recognized and drives results.

NEXTFLY Web Design is the premier web design firm in Phoenix Arizona. We have an amazingly talented team of developers and sales people. Having a strong team behind you and creating beautiful designs is step one but what we thrive on here at NEXTFLY is getting businesses noticed through our amazing SEO abilities.   The biggest single key to our SEO success is effective content creation.

We advise companies every week about what it takes to get them to the top of the search results for their desired categories. There are many tools that we use to optimize websites to get them recognized but the biggest component in effective SEO always goes back to content creation and creating it effectively. I often describe   SEO and content creation to a NASCAR race. We may be able to get your car in the lead but some other business out there is going to continue to tune up their car (website) to catch you. It isn’t enough to just pay a developer to optimize your site. Strong and lasting SEO requires dedication and ongoing effort. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to creating content for your website that can keep your car in the lead spot.

  • Be Dedicated.  This is the hardest and most difficult piece of the puzzle when it comes to content creation. I hear from businesses every week that say “we simply do not have the time and resources to create new pages each week for our website”. My advice in this situation is to make the time to do it or hire a content writer. Here at NEXTFLY we handle ongoing content creation for many of our clients. We also have no reservations on training and empowering them to do this on their own without having to pay anyone. We recommend adding at least one new page to their website each week and educate them on how to do it. Our clients become empowered to load their own content and then can make an educated decision on whether to keep it in house or outsource that job.
  • Don’t be afraid of the work. Often, once clients see the requirements of creating good content, the project can look like a mountain of work that is too daunting to climb. The truth is that while content creation can be time consuming, it really doesn’t take very long once you get rolling. Our web design company here in Phoenix creates new pages each week not only for our website but for many of our clients. Creating new pages isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it. We can typically research a topic and write a fully optimized page in about 90 minutes. If you don’t have 90 minutes a week, you should either outsource this work or perhaps look for a new career.
  • Be effective. There are some rules that we abide by when creating content for our website and the same rules apply to our clients in their industry. The first rule is consistency; update your site on a schedule each week. Every major search engine notices that you are adding fresh content to your site. While you are adding this content, your site is slowly turning into a trusted resource for your industry. Being a trusted resource of information about your industry is what SEO is all about. Search engines are designed to deliver trusted resources to their viewers. The second rule lies in the amount of content. Make sure you are writing between 750-1500 words for each page in regards to your topic. Being too vague can count against you. The third rule applies to your key words. Make sure to use the key words as often as possible. Here at NEXTFLY, we like to improve our position on SEO searches here in Phoenix. You will notice that I mention SEO a lot. Use the key words that you want to be known for.
  • Create a blog for your website. If your current site does not have a blog, you may want to give NEXTFLY a call. We can integrate a blog for you and will train you on how to use it. Adding blog pages is the easiest way to add fresh content to your website on a regular basis. You don’t always have to write over and over about the same subject. Use your blog to discuss topics that interest you beyond your day-to-day work. You should include relevant business pages often but don’t feel trapped about writing the same things all the time.
  • Use social media. Once you’ve published your blog to the website. Put the links to that article all over your social media. Include pictures that encourage people to click and read more. Driving clicks to your website will promote it’s relevance and increase your rankings.

Don’t let content creation be a mountain that you can’t climb. “When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”! – George McFly

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