Start something beautiful!

Start something beautiful!

Would you describe your company’s website as beautiful? If you aren’t extremely proud of the website you have for business, chances are your customers aren’t impressed either.

Here at our web design company in Phoenix Arizona, we perform web searches every week looking for websites that need a facelift. You would think that it would take some extensive searching to find them but the truth is quite the opposite. The web is full of ugly websites. Even more common than those are the websites we all would describe as “meh”. If your website isn’t a “10”, chances are you are missing out on some serious opportunities.

The idea behind having a beautiful website is to wow your audience. Here at NEXTFLY we specialize in creating websites that set your business apart from the rest. Having a beautiful website is one of the single most important measures for your business today. Here are some helpful tips to create a beautiful website that captivates your audience and encourages them to reach out to you!

Consider adding a video homepage. A video homepage, if done correctly can speak amazing volumes about your business. They can be extremely captivating and can immediately spark interest in your products and services. Because of their unique and rare qualities, viewers are encouraged to watch. A good video homepage requires some specialty skills to create and install but when done correctly it can set your business apart.

Have a scrolling banner. If you don’t want to worry about a video loading, a scrolling banner is the way to go. This is a much more common design but when done correctly will paint your business in a beautiful light. Here at NEXTFLY we have access to libraries of millions of high quality images for your home page banner.

Declutter your homepage. The most common problem with most outdated and underperforming websites is their home page. We often see that the design is lacking in aesthetics and the previous designer flooded the home page with information. There is so much information that the viewer is immediately turned off and refuses to climb the mountain of reading. The key to an effective homepage is to not overload the viewer with info. We here at NEXTFLY specialize in this principle. We provide all of our clients with a simple home page that is easy to navigate and encourages the viewer to dive deeper into their section of interest. Making your homepage easy to navigate and encouraging your viewer to stay and click around is a major key to a successful home page.

Modernize your look. How many times have you visited a website that looks like it was created back in the 90’s? A website like that is not doing your business any favors. Your website may be turning more business away than it is helping you secure new customers. Here at NEXTFLY we pride ourselves on clean and modern looks that paint our clients in a “cutting edge” light. Showing your clients that you are ahead of the times is crucial. The impression your viewers will receive is that they are dealing with a modern and successful company. They shouldn’t feel like they are in a thrift store when looking at your old website. Let them know that you roll out the red carpet for your clients. Take pride in your image!

Make the process easy. Have you ever found a company on your phone and then had to write down their phone number so you could call? Or better yet, repeat the number aloud to remember it while you dial? Make it easy for clients to call you with a simple click. Our custom sites are designed to encourage your viewers to call you. With a simple click of a button, they can dial directly into your office. We also install multiple access points for your viewers to submit their information directly to your email. If they don’t feel like calling, they just submit their info and await your response. Making it easy for customers to reach you can make all the difference when your goal is to capture the info of a new client.  

Hire a proven designer. Most business owner’s biggest fear with web design is the cost. Our web design business in Phoenix takes great pride in providing websites to our clients that cost just a third of what our competition charges. We have over 10 years of experience in web design and have helped well over 1,000 companies modernize their image online. The web design business if full of mediocre talent. Don’t settle for a cheap designer that will underperform. Please visit our online portfolio, you can see our work and know that you’ve trusted a professional.

Let NEXTFLY give your business the facelift it needs. Don’t let your business stand by the wall at the party, let that beauty dance!

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