How much is a new website going to cost me?

How much is a new website going to cost me?

“As a web design company here in Phoenix Arizona, we get this question every day.  It is often the very first question and at the top of every prospective client’s mind.”

In this blog, I am going to walk through some options with you and give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to pricing.  NEXTFLY has products that can fit any budget so let me give you the detail of what your beautiful new website will cost.

Full Custom WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

A full custom design is by far and away our best and most beautiful option when it comes to redesigning your company’s website.  These sites are completely coded by our development staff and create a stunning look that is completely unique to your company and unlike any other website in existence.  The coding built into your new website is completely proprietary to your business.  All of the functions of this site will be owned by your company.  So, if you need the site to perform a unique function and have a look that is completely yours and unlike anything else, this is your best option.  What does it cost?  While every situation is different, a typical price range for a full custom built CMS design usually falls somewhere between 7 and 12k depending on the options you need.  These sites usually take us around 60 days to build.  We also showcase these sites in our portfolio for the world to see.  If you are a successful and established company that wants to set yourself apart, a full custom site is the way to go!

Custom Template CMS built by NEXTFLY

The full custom site is what every business really wants but that isn’t always what the budget will allow.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  NEXTFLY has custom sites that we’ve already built and resell to numerous clients.  Don’t worry, we don’t resell these to clients in the same industry.  So, if you own a plumbing company and buy a custom template, we promise not to resell that same template to a competing plumbing company.  This guarantees that none of your competitors will have a similar looking website.  These templates give you a similar experience to the full custom design but will save you some money due to the fact that the extensive coding work is already done.  So what does it cost?  These sites usually take us around 30-45 days and will run you between 4-6K depending on the options.  If you would like to see what these templates look like, please reach out.  We will be happy to provide examples of what we can do with our custom templates. 

Standard Template CMS customized by NEXTFLY

If the two options above are still a little out of your price range we’ve still got your back.  There are many developers around the world who build WordPress templates.  NEXTFLY is happy to find the right one for you and then customize it to fit your business.  This process includes a lot of research ahead of time to find the right template and make sure it will meet your needs while providing a professional look and feel for your business.  These projects also typically take us 30-45 days to complete.  We have done hundreds of these over the years and they are a great solution for clients operating on a limited budget.  So what does it cost?  The average template customization design usually ranges between 2.5k-4.5k again depending on the options you need. 

WIX for Business, built and managed by NEXTFLY

This option has become very popular among our startup clients along with those who need a web presence and don’t want to manage a website or spend much to have one.  In early 2019 NEXTFLY signed a deal as an exclusive partner with WIX.  This new partnership gives clients a very easy way to get noticed online without breaking their bank accounts.  Your company will receive a professionally designed and built website for as little as $500 along with a monthly service fee to have your site updated and managed by NEXTFLY.  While these sites don’t include all of the benefits of owning your own CMS, they have increasingly become a great fit for businesses in nearly every industry.  We typically complete these projects in less than 1 week.  Give us a call today if you would to know more about this program and what it takes to get started with NEXTFLY. 

Want to know more about NEXTFLY?

We are a full service web design and digital marketing firm with over 17 years of industry experience.  We have developed and deployed over 1300 websites for clients all over the United States and abroad.  If you’re not sure which plan is the best fit for you we will be happy to talk through these options and find the right solution for your business and your budget.  Our Phoenix Web Design business is built around your success and we always put the interests of our clients first.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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