How secure is your website?

How secure is your website?

Our firm is firm! How firm is your website?Cyber security is more important today than ever before in history. Ecommerce is at an all time high. How protected are you and your clients from cyber attack?

NEXTFLY is a web design firm that specializes in making and keeping our clients secure. We provide high-level web design and security features that make Ecommerce easy and safe for you and your clients!

Over 30,000 websites get hacked every day. These hackers are highly motivated and are usually only after one thing, money. They want to steal information of value and use that to generate income. If these people spent half the time working on legitimate enterprise they may have been rich already. Who knows why they choose this life for themselves? Whatever the answer, it is imperative that if you own a website in today’s marketplace, you make it secure for yourself and your visitors.

NEXTFLY is a web design firm that is highly specialized in website hardening! Website hardening is a process that is designed to make your site more secure by reducing its surface area of vulnerability. This process includes removing software programs that are not being used and ensuring that the website versions you are using are up to date. We like to think of website hardening as putting bulletproof jackets all over your site.

As a web design firm, NEXTFLY specializes in development on the WordPress platform. We ensure that our clients are always up to date with the latest versions of WordPress. WordPress puts a huge emphasis on security and takes the matter very seriously. Website security can always be improved but most likely never perfected. Our goal as a web design firm is to greatly reduce that risk and make your environment as safe as possible. We employ every strategy available to keep you from becoming a target.

Quality hosting is another great feature that NEXTFLY delivers to our clients. Our web design firm specializes in securely hosting our clients. We will openly discuss with you and address any security concerns that you may have. We always ensure that your WordPress version is up to date. We also guarantee the most reliable methods of backup and recovery available on the market today. Let our firm firm up your firm!

NEXTFLY will recommend secure applications for your business! Regardless of your business type and what kind of work you do, there is probably now an app for that. Many of our clients use applications every day that help them do their job better. We will perform research and review any and every application that your business may need to improve workflow. Ensuring that the applications you use are safe is a major reason NEXTFLY is the best web design firm in town!

With the purchase of a security package from our firm, you will know that you have the most up to date security available. NEXTFLY will achieve these levels of security by limiting access and reducing possible entry points to your website. Should your site ever be compromised, we are able to minimize that damage. We are also able to guarantee that we will have your site backed up and can quickly restore in the event of malicious activity. Finally, we will make sure that all of your applications are coming from trusted sources and that we are minimizing the risk to your site.

Here is a short list of things that you can do to make sure you are secure.

  • Make sure that your computer is free of any virus infections, malware or spyware. Always keep your computer security up to date and make sure to update your web browser to keep you from becoming vulnerable.
  • Make sure to update your version of WordPress. They will always remind you when your version is out of date. Don’t forget to do the upgrade! You can also turn on automatic updates to save you.
  • Make sure your site is being hosted on a secure web server. Servers are vulnerable. NEXTFLY is a trusted host and we can take care of this for you!
  • Stay away from unsecure networks. Public Internet access can be a bad place to share your secured information. Often times your data is not encrypted and can easily be stolen.
  • Make sure your home and office network is secure.   When working from your home router, make sure your firewall rules are updated.
  • Make your passwords rare and complex to improve your security.

These are just a few of many things that protect our clients. Our web design firm is here to help you in every aspect of security.



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