Working 2 Jobs

Working 2 Jobs

We run a web design company here in Phoenix. While I find the web design business to be very fulfilling as we help businesses with their online strategy, I have found that having some variety in my work life can be very rewarding.

We launched NEXTFLY Web Design here in the Phoenix market in August of 2015. Since then, I have had the benefit of working with some amazing companies here in Phoenix and all across the country. NEXTFLY, which is headquartered in Indianapolis Indiana, has been a proven leader in web design for well over a decade. We have a vast portfolio of satisfied clients that we have helped over the years. Our proven methods of web design, SEO and marketing have set us apart from our competition and we have created an easy process for our clients to improve their businesses using these key strategies. I am extremely grateful to have a support team that is second to none. They are a group of amazing individuals that put our clients interests above all else. Their remarkable attitude towards serving our customers is the key for the success of our clients and our own.

I have always also had a tremendous passion for the game of golf. I grew up as an athlete and spent most of my childhood and teenage years playing baseball. Once baseball ended and there was no more future in it for me, I turned to golf to fill that void. If you talk to any golfer, they were usually raised to be very competitive. This thirst for competition is what I believe has made me successful in life and it has given me an attitude of “refuse to lose”. Having a competitive attitude and drive to succeed is also a key factor in your business success. Our deep desire to win drives us to serve our clients above and beyond what our competition can offer. We make sure our clients win and that we deliver on every promise. The success of our clients is how we measure our own victories.

My wife, kids and I relocated to the Phoenix valley back in 2010. We bought a house in Goodyear Arizona that sits on the 5th hole of the Golf Club of Estrella. Golf Club of Estrella is a Nicklaus designed club that is absolutely beautiful. I have been playing there for years. The course is extremely challenging and offers beauty and enjoyment for players of every level. Recently some friends and I went out to play on a Saturday. We ended up getting paired with one of the golf pros that works for the club. During our round, he mentioned that he was looking to hire a few more people to fill some spots in their guest services role at the club. My friends and I all keep very busy with our current careers and at first I was hesitant to show any interest in working there. But then I thought about it, what better way to meet local business owners and make great connections than working out front at the golf club? Not to mention the best part of working at Golf Club of Estrella, Free Golf! Needless to say, I called him back and accepted a part time position in guest services.

I now work 2-3 days a week at the golf club and have found it to be amazingly fulfilling. I still dedicate myself full time to our Phoenix Web Design business and have found that it isn’t completely difficult to manage my place at both businesses. Since I started at the golf club nearly 3 months ago, I have lost almost 20 lbs. Not surprisingly, running a web design business involves a lot of sitting at a computer all day. Having to do actual grunt work has been helping me to get back in shape. There is a lot more work involved in guest services than people realize. Always be sure to tip your guest service staff when you have the chance. I have met literally hundreds of the most friendly people that you will find anywhere on earth. People show up to our club every day in the best mood humanly possible. After all, they are there to do one of their favorite things in life, golf! I work with some amazing people there as well. The staff is comprised of folks ranging in age from 20 to 80. Some are working their way through college, others working part time in their retirement. I have found my experience there so far to be extremely rewarding, stress free and an excellent change of pace!

So remember, choosing NEXTFLY as your web design company may come with some extra perks, being our client means you get to come golfing with me!

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