How to Rank Your Amazon Niche Website

How to Rank Your Amazon Niche Website

Amazon offers one of the best online affiliate marketing programs in the world. This Phoenix SEO company also loves it mainly because a) Amazon’s affiliate tracker lets you earn commission on everything users buy after clicking you link, and b) the earning potential is insanely high.

But that doesn’t mean every Amazon affiliate site is raking in money. It takes hard work to make your site valuable and high-ranking because the competition is extreme.

Here are some of our best tips that can considerably cut the amount of effort on your part, and help you rank your Amazon affiliate site high in the search engine rankings.

Create a suitably powerful framework for your website

If you are serious about creating a highly successful Amazon affiliate website, invest in a best-quality website host service and site framework. There are some really good web hosts out there, like . As for the framework, we suggest the Genesis framework by WordPress. This is an extremely fast-loading framework that offers really great themes.

If you think that Genesis is expensive, consider this: site speed is one of the most important SEO factors, and b) Genesis cuts down your site optimization efforts in half. You won’t need to write codes or use plugins for a smooth site operation later.

Next, you will need some basic plugins and tools for search engine optimization;

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Akismet (for security)
  • Scrapebox and Long Tail Pro (for keyword research)

These tools will help you come up with dozens of relevant keywords to write blog posts and site pages. Schedule at least 1-2 posts to publish every week, especially for the first year.

First thing you need to focus on is your niche. What market do you want to target – for example, Housewares, electronics, etc.; something that has great demand. Then browse through those categories on Amazon and go even more specific. For example, if you chose electronics, then focus on its subcategories like mobile phones. The go even deeper and focus on categories inside mobile phones – smartphones, Android phones, etc.

Once you have selected a category, it’s time to gauge the competition. See how much traffic each competitor is getting, and how many sellers are there.

The latest Google update “Fred” stresses that Amazon sites with strong branding value and content will be ranked higher in the searched engines. This means that while you are studying the competition, and you see that other sites in your niche have less useful content, no additional product images, no real logo, etc., then you have a really good chance of beating out the competition.

Also pick a domain name that suits your niche and is somewhat relevant. Don’t go for the exact keyword for domain names. doesn’t look good, but if you decide to sell only Apple devices, then could work well.

Do everything you can to rank your Amazon site

This is mostly about the best content you can manage to publish on your site. If you publish new content regularly (once or twice a week), and keep it useful, you are more than good.

Focus on writing detailed reviews that are – at the risk of repeating myself – highly useful. Remember, your goal is not to stuff your website with filler. A lot of websites are doing that and they aren’t doing well. You want your audience to find value in your content. This makes them trust you and consider you a leading authority in your niche. Contact your favorite Phoenix web design company, NEXTFLY!


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