Optimize Your Blog Content for Higher Search Ranking

Optimize Your Blog Content for Higher Search Ranking

How do you feel when you write a great piece of content? Superb. How do you feel when you write a piece of content that helps you achieve your goals? Even better! Contact us, we can show you how to increase your content’s visibility and search rankings.

As we know, it doesn’t matter how great your content is if nobody is reading it. Instead of writing a highly informative and engaging post, and then praying that people will stumble upon it, become proactive with your efforts! Here are some easy steps you can take to bring the visitors to your page.

Optimize the Title and Tags

Does your post title contain the keyword? No? Then change it to include the focus keyword. Same goes with your H1 Tags. These tags should be keyword-rich. Make the title and these tags a bit different but still highly relevant to the page content.

It goes without saying (we hope) that your title should not be spammy; visitors should be able to tell what the post is going to be about from reading title. Do NOT make the title “Watch this girl set fire in the restaurant”, and then make the post about how guys were caught ‘staring’ at the stunning girl. Sheesh.

Next comes the H2 Tags. It’s a good idea to include long tail keywords or the exact title in the H2 Tags. Just make sure these tags are not stuffed with keywords otherwise a) you will leave your readers annoyed, and b) Google might mark those pages spam.

Let People Share Your Content

When people come across a useful piece of content, they like to share it with their followers on social media. That’s why it’s imperative for you to create social sharing buttons with each piece of content so that people may share it and spread its visibility.

This creates a ripple of effects; people start to see you as a top authority on that subject, new and potential customers start to trust you, and Google starts to give you more love and attention. All with one blog post. Social media is that powerful.

Use High-Quality, Unique Pictures

We know how tough it is to create original images if you don’t have a design team (due to a lack of budget). Having said that, if you can manage it, you will have a phenomenal advantage over your competitors.

Beautiful images and unique infographics can generate organic traffic, thanks to Google Image Search. In addition to that, people will be tripping over themselves to share it on social media because ‘that’s cool’. Also, people tend to share images more often than they share a blog post (text). Make sure that you make it easy to download and share the images you’ve created.

Do Some Internal Linking

Writing new content is not enough; you must link new content to the older pages otherwise you can lose the traffic to those old pages. Always link your new content to other relevant content pages on your website, and remember to use appropriate words as the anchor text.

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