How to Spot (and Correct) these Conversion Killing Web Design Mistakes

How to Spot (and Correct) these Conversion Killing Web Design Mistakes

Some design mistakes make your site look ugly, while there are others more unforgivable mistakes that are certain conversion killers. Phoenix Web Design brings to you a list of web design mistakes that will surely make all your prospects go downhill.

Your website is a sales machine and when you let some of its elements overshadow this goal; it makes the whole site redundant. Keep reading to find out what these mistakes are and steer clear at all costs.

Unclear Call To Action

Your website may be a work art but visitors don’t come to your site just to admire its design. Your website serves the purpose of achieving a set of objectives through visitor’s’ actions on the website. Thus, your call to action message has to be clear and straightforward. Still there are times when we can notice that CTAs don’t have a message that really “calls”.

You should create unambiguous call to action that doesn’t leave your users guess what they should do next to get your product or service. It should call upon users to perform a certain action (buy a product, order a service, call to your agency etc.). Then, make sure that it contains a verb that pushes users to do that, like “Buy This Item”, “Add to Cart” or “Call Us”.

No Social Proof

In today’s day and age, a lack of social proof might suggest your business hasn’t done anything impressive yet. Social proof sells your skills, talent and your availability. If you don’t let people verify your company on their own easily, they won’t take the time to do it in a more complicated way and move on to your competitors.

Today receiving social proof is a lot easier than it once was. Testimonials and industry certifications are the traditional way to go. For some, it is as simple as including sharing buttons throughout their website. Checking whether a brand’s Facebook or Twitter account is active acts as a good sign to potential customers.

Complicated Buying Process

Persuading a user to buy something from you is a long and complicated process that requires you to do a lot of research about them. And you stand to lose at the last step when a new customer hits an “Add to Cart” button and gets into a 12-step process of order confirmation. Or is required to fill out a huge shopping cart with multiple fields to check out.

The customer will surely be overwhelmed at this point. The more info you ask from your customer, the more effort they have to put into acquiring this product and the lower their desire to buy or order something. Conversions at this step can drop by up to 5%. Don’t unnecessarily complicate the purchasing process and keep it as simple for your customers as possible.

These designs are the worst conversion killers and you should take extra care to avoid making them. User centered design is one of the modern keystone principles of the website design so whenever you’re adding a feature, keep your user’s experience optimization in mind.

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