Press Releases for a Better Website SEO Strategy: Yay or Nay?

Press Releases for a Better Website SEO Strategy: Yay or Nay?

Lately, press releases have caught up in the popularity. Every other Phoenix SEO agency is trying to get a mention in quality press releases. And why not? PR is a great way to increase brand awareness, advance your domain authority, and bring extra traffic to your website. Sweet.

Is it really as easy as that? One press release and thousands of page views just like that?

Umm. Nope. There are some things you need to consider while trying to publish a press release otherwise it can backfire really bad, really quick.

Press Release Best Practices

Okay, so when it comes to a press release that actually improves your website, you need to look out for some factors:

Overdoing it: You released one PR, you got really good response, so you decided to release them more often. To understand it better, consider the press releases sort of like the exclamation point. In a 300 word paragraph, when you use an exclamation mark once, it adds serious weight to that sentence. People consider it really important to pay attention to.

But what happens when you add 6 exclamation marks after one sentence? Or what happens when you finish every third sentence with an exclamation point? People stop taking you seriously. They lost their excitement after the first exclamation point. Period.

Coming back to the press releases, if you release them too often, people will begin to undermine your authority. Your announcements will stop being newsworthy.

So, make sure you release press releases to report only noteworthy events, like launch of a new product, discovery of new information, reporting of a new event. The ideal case is one or maximum two press releases a month. Any more than that and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Using many links from a few sites: There was a time when PRWeb was considered legit by Google, i.e., if your website had links from PRWeb, Google used to reward you with higher page authority, search ranking, and domain authority. Unfortunately, Google declared PRWeb a “paid link” site, so of you release your press releases there, they may negatively affect your site SEO.

That tells you to release your PR carefully. It doesn’t mean that too many press releases will harm your organic search results rather they give you a restricted SEO value (only no-follow links). Consider press releases an additional part of your SEO strategy and not a main one.

Instead focus on good blog content, unique infographics, and videos that help you create a wide-ranging backlink profile. This also helps Google see you as an established leader in your industry. And as we always say, focus on quality rather than quantity.

Publishing press releases on a frequent basis is a good way to increase brand visibility, however, don’t publish one just for the sake of publishing. Unless you have something newsworthy, avoid it. And when you write it, make sure it’s editorial quality that reflects your brand perfectly.

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