How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

As a leading Phoenix web design company, we can tell you that SEO and social media are not the only tools for effective marketing. Email marketing strategies are, more often not, ignored by the online marketers these days. Reason? Who knows, maybe it’s not considered “cool” anymore.

Though, multiple studies and tests have revealed that email marketing is still one of the highest ROI generating tools. It might be an old strategy, but the low overhead costs and high ROI make email marketing hard to beat.

If you’re looking to improve your email marketing strategy, here are some highly effective tactics for you to try today:

Create a targeted list – Your email list should be properly segmented and analyzed in order to reach the right people. Research data like transaction histories, and buying patterns to construct your list.

If you don’t have enough information to target people, research for more information instead of blindly emailing people. Otherwise you are just begging them to put you in the SPAM. Alienating your audience because you lack the accurate data can be harmful to your brand reputation.

Customers who abandon the carts – It’s a good idea to start with people who, for some reason, abandoned their carts and didn’t check out. You have a higher chance of converting these people compared to the total newbies.

Entice these customers with an email that outlines the benefits of connecting with your brand (like discounts in the future) and bring them back in. if possible, offer them some encouragement – 5% off – to close the deal.

After-sale engagement – When a buyer has made the transaction, it’s important for her to feel that you still care – and you haven’t forgotten her now that the sale is made.

Send emails thanking them for making the purchase, and also giving them tips to use the product more efficiently. This makes your connection with the buyer stronger and long-lasting. You can also ask them for their feedback or remind them of an upcoming sales event.

Personalization is the key Since you already have useful information about your email recipients, use that to send them personalized emails. This can extend to greetings, content, and specific product offers just for them.

Include Stories – Social proof is a powerful way to turn the audience into loyal customers. You can use this strategy while designing your email marketing campaign too. Genuine reviews and testimonials are not only a great way to connect with people, but it can help you reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Use animation to make it interesting – GIFs are a very popular way to ‘up’ the entertainment value of the content; use it in your email marketing. Animated GIFs capture the viewers’ attention instantly and help you engage with them effectively. Not to mention, these can be outright hilarious and perk up even the most boring content.

Use videos – Just like the GIFs, videos also help in engaging the customers with your brand. For example, you can use a 2-minute explainer video to show how your new product works. Make sure to test the video first for both desktop and mobile screens.

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