Upgrade Your Email Marketing Campaign with these Key Tips

Upgrade Your Email Marketing Campaign with these Key Tips

As a web design company, trust us when we say email marketing can take your business to the next level with very little overhead costs. For the price of a glazed doughnut, you can reach out to hundreds of people via email. Talk about a solid ROI.

If you are a business owner looking to revamp your email marketing campaign, the first thing you should understand is the power of adaptation. The world of marketing is changing rapidly – now more than ever thanks to new digital marketing tools. But if you are willing to evolve, you will never have a problem finding inspiration and ideas.

Having imparted that philosophical wisdom above, let’s get down to the technical side of business. There are many ways you can perk up your old email marketing campaign. All you need to do is research what your audience is responding to right now. Social media is your friend in this regard.

Other than that, here are some hot concepts that have totally changed the face of email marketing today.

High definition images: The quickest way to give a makeover to your bland-looking emails is by inserting quick-loading images. Humans process information much faster when it’s presented via pictures.

Infographics are especially nice if you are trying to explain a concept. The most important thing to note is you must optimize the images to load as quickly as possible. Or you risk the chance of disgruntling the people.

Animation or whiteboard videos: These explainer videos have seen tremendous popularity in the recent years. A video embedded in your emails provides lots of room for customer engagement. People love watching videos, as we have already witnessed with the success of Snapchat.

It’s also way easier to deliver complicated or even technical information over video. Instead of writing long emails to expand on a point, simply add video content to the email.

Use interesting fonts: Nobody likes to look at ugly text and fonts. And make no mistake, there ARE ugly fonts. Make sure the fonts you are using are large enough that readers don’t have to stress their eyes.

Also, always use more than one font size – it helps highlight the important bits in the email by adding contrast. Don’t forget to optimize the font to fit desktop as well as mobile screens.

Always do A/B Testing: After you are done tweaking your email marketing strategy, don’t forget to try different variations and compare the results. Every business has a sweet spot, and only testing can help you identify yours. Subject lines, images, CTA’s, and all the other elements of your email must be tested thoroughly to determine which works the best.

The bottom line is you can change how your customers respond to your brand by simply making some effective changes in email marketing. There are a lot more email marketing concepts other than the most common ones we have listed above. But using even the most common ones for your email list can significantly boost your ROI.

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