Make your website great again!

Make your website great again!

Is your new website built for the long road ahead?

In today’s marketplace, your online image means everything. Many businesses have taken the plunge on a new website to give their business a new and modern look. That is the first step toward a strong digital presence. Many companies don’t know what to do next. Here are some helpful tips to keep your website and SEO moving in the right direction.

Write a weekly blog or new content page.   This seems like a no brainer but in reality it takes a lot of discipline to create a new page for your website each week. It’s like being in high school again and you have a paper due every Friday. Creating new content for your site and then sharing it with the masses is a great way to promote your brand awareness. Creating fresh content also lets the search engine powers that be know you are serious about your products or services. Adding this content and stock piling it over time makes your website the trusted resource for information pertaining to your trade. That puts you at the top of the list for searches related to your field. Make sure you set attainable content creation goals for yourself and then proceed as planned.

Share your blog and fresh content via social media. Again, this may seem obvious but it’s a super important step that you can’t afford to skip. Create accounts for your business across every social media platform available. Every time you publish a new page, be sure to share across every platform.   Here at NEXTFLY, we have the ability to tie your blog directly into those accounts. You can post your blog to every channel with one click. This simple but very effective tool will encourage click through to your website, promote brand awareness and even drive in new leads and sales. This is also a great opportunity advertise any promotions or events your company may be having. Using the power of social media, you can tip the scales in your favor.

Make sure your website is up to date. Here at NEXTFLY we deal almost exclusively with WordPress. WordPress is very easy to update. Having your core software and plugins up to date will prevent your website from incurring function errors. It can also protect you from malware. Always be sure to run a malware scan on your website frequently. Running these scans will protect your business and your customers from potential online threats.

Comb through your analytics and make the proper adjustments. The devil is in the details. Having an analytics dashboard attached to your website is key. You can begin to analyze the behavior of your visitors. It is key to know how long visitors are staying engaged with your site. You can see what interested them or perhaps even why they left. Using that data you can begin to gather an understanding of what works and what does not. Once you’ve pinpointed the effective points of your website, you can begin to promote features that people want to see.

Measure your SEO. If you’ve done everything so far correctly and are adding fresh content on a regular basis, you should start to see your website climbing in the search result rankings. This is something you should monitor on a daily and weekly basis. If your site isn’t climbing, you need to employ some strategies to get it going. Every business in every industry can take advantage of favorable rankings. It is of the utmost importance for your clients to find you before they find your competition. Use a private browser or incognito window when tracking your search results. This will ensure that the results you are seeing are legitimate.

Having a fresh modern website is a great start. Using these strategies will ensure that your website is built for the long haul. With a little bit of discipline and devotion, you can make sure that your website is the trusted resource in your industry.   Follow these 7 steps to make sure you continue moving in the right direction.

1) Write a new blog or content page

2) Update core software and plugins

3) Run a malware scan

4) Share your recent blogs across all social media platforms

5) Update any upcoming events or change out your featured products

6) Comb through analytics and work on any problem areas you may find

7) Do manual scans of your rankings in a private/incognito window, keep track of the progress of your keywords

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