Monitor Your Site Performance with These Top SEO Analysis Tools

Monitor Your Site Performance with These Top SEO Analysis Tools

NEXTFLY, your favorite Phoenix Web Design Agency, is going to show you how to analyze you website’s performance easily with the help of best SEO analysis tools online.


Consider it the James Bond among the keyword analyzing tools online. When you are trying to rank for a specific keyword, SEMRush is what you want to use. This website lets you analyze which keywords your domain is ranking for. In fact, it tells you which keywords each site page is ranking for.

If you have a website with hundreds of pages of content, sometimes you might notice that some pages lose the organic traffic over time. SEMRush lets you identify which keywords were lost on those pages so that you can focus on resolving those issues.

Open Site Explorer by Moz

The first step in analyzing the performance of your SEO campaign is to pull the backlink profile. The ideal backlink profile of a successful website has:

  • A variety of anchor texts – branded and keyword-rich
  • A good number of links – follow and nofollow
  • A number of different good quality websites linking back to you.

Open Site Explorer tool by Moz is our favorite to do this job because of a variety of reasons. First, it’s really easy and hassle-free to use; second, it has a huge database and you can get access to any information regarding a website’s domain authority. This tool shows you detailed data, for example, exactly how many links a website has and where those links are coming from. If you want to master your external links, Open Site Explorer is an outstanding, and dare we say, unmatchable tool to accomplish that.


According to Google, website speed is indeed a factor in determining the SERP ranking. It’s important to keep an eye on your website and run regular tests to check the site speed. While Google Analytics can show you which pages are slow, it doesn’t tell you exactly why your site speed is slow.

This is where GTMetrix comes and saves the day. We love it because it lets us know why certain pages are slow to load and it also offers a grade from Google’s PageSpeed as well as YSlow. Best part? It’s absolutely free to use. These grades help you understand the root of the problems and figure out the respective solutions.

On-Page Grader by Moz

Another gem from Moz, this tool takes one page from your website, runs it though a bunch of algorithms, and tells you exactly how well-optimized that page is for a particular keyword. These algorithms measure the usage of a keyword on the page, from top to bottom (Title Tag, Meta Description, H1 and H2 tags, etc.) of course, you can do this manually, but On-Page Grader makes it much easier.

So, these are some of our favorite tools that are highly beneficial in measuring the performance of a website. You might say, that some of those tasks can be done manually, on your own, but where’s the fun in that?

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