Moving To Goodyear!

Moving To Goodyear!

Why did Nextfly build their new offices in Goodyear Arizona?

So why would a well established Web Design Company in Phoenix decide to move their new offices to Goodyear? It’s because Goodyear is the new Silicon Valley. The explosive growth of the West along with giant corporations buying up all the land in Goodyear was all that Nextfly needed to see when it came time to relocate. Here are some key advantages to building in Goodyear and why Phoenix’s premier Web Design Company decided on this location.

I’ve lived in the Phoenix Valley area for nearly 10 years now. During that time I have always been aware of the division between the East and West Valley. After all, the Valley is huge. There are great distances between the East and West. Living in the Southwest Valley makes East Mesa seem a million miles away. I know my East Valley friends think that Goodyear is part of East L.A. We know the East Valley has most of the cool stuff. Scottsdale has an amazing nightlife scene and great places to eat. Tempe is home to Arizona State University. But the far West Valley is the up and comer when it comes to growth in the Valley.

The Smart City – According to CBS News, Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently bought 25,000 acres in Tonopah, AZ, which is located directly West of Goodyear. The plan will be for the build out of a planned community known as a “Smart City”. This new city will be called Belmont and be home to nearly 160,000 residents. The current population of that area is very minimal.   Needless to say, the explosive growth of the area will have a very positive effect on the existing local businesses.

Amazon is calling Goodyear home – Amazon recently completed construction of their 3rd facility in Goodyear. This amazing growth has caused a population boom in the area. There are already around 1,100 Amazon employees currently living in Goodyear, AZ.

Vantage Data Centers – This tech company is a leading provider in wholesale data centers. Located on the southeast corner of Van Buren and Bullard, their newest center is going to be online by 2020.  These new tech jobs will do a lot to attract skilled workers to the area.

Average Household Income – Recent research has shown that the average household income in Goodyear, AZ is over $70,000. The national average income is currently around $60,000 per year.

Big Businesses feed smaller businesses – The booming population growth along with the median income increasing is a real shot in the arm for the community. These growth patterns provide explosive growth for local business owners and the need for even more goods and service providers. These are the ideal clients for a Web Design Company in Goodyear. Nextfly has product offerings that can be tailored to any business. No matter what size the company, we have a solution for your business. Our company intends to experience the same growth as the city of Goodyear.

Spring Training Home of the Cincinnati Reds – Goodyear may be booming in economic and residential growth but it is also home to some of the best amenities in the Valley. The city is home to America’s original professional baseball team, the Reds. Located on South Estrella Parkway, Goodyear Ballpark is one of the best places to catch a baseball game in the Phoenix area. The park is affordable, beautiful and a great place for family fun and kids of all ages.

Estrella Moutain Ranch – EMR is one of the most exclusive and beautiful communities in the City of Goodyear. It is one that very few people know about. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Estrella Mountains, EMR is a residential golfing community and home to the Troon Managed, Golf Club of Estrella. Home to breathtaking views of lakes and mountains and situated just 40 minutes from downtown Phoenix, Estrella Mountain Ranch is one of the most scenic, private and sought after residential communities in the Phoenix Valley.

In-and-Out Burger – What is known to some as “the greatest reason to live in the West”, Goodyear is also home to it’s very own franchise of the famous burger chain. Located on Dysart road, just next to the I-10, you can always find friendly faces and amazing food at the In-and-Out.

The new south loop – Up until the near future, there was only one way to get to the south side of Phoenix from the West Valley, the dreaded Broadway curve. Now that Phoenix has finally built a south loop that will connect to the Pecos highway, people living in the Southwest Valley will have a much easier time getting South of the city in a reasonable time. The new south loop is ahead of schedule and should be completed by late 2019.

These are just some of the reasons that Phoenix’s premier Web Design Company has chosen Goodyear, AZ as it’s new location. Come see for yourself why the West Valley is booming!

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