Nextfly Web Design Welcomes Evan Shank!

Nextfly Web Design Welcomes Evan Shank!

Hello! My name is Evan Shank, I grew up in Fishers, Indiana, and I am a new member of the sales team, at Nextfly. I graduated from Purdue University this May with a degree in Microbiology. My original career plan involved me working in a research lab for a biotechnology company, genetically modifying bacteria to create cost-efficient pharmaceutical products. During my junior year, I was able to get into a research lab doing work on that exact same topic. I was excited at the beginning, but as time went on I realized that the lab work was very monotonous, slow-paced, and every day was the same. I then decided that I wanted a career the opposite of that and chose to pursue a career in sales.

With me coming out of college with no sales experience, it was difficult finding a sales job. I then found a door-to-door sales job a couple of months after I graduated. This job involved me going to, on average, fifty to sixty different businesses every day trying to sell office supplies. It gave me a good start in sales and it also taught me how to handle constant rejection. I actually discovered Nextfly through that job. I stopped by Nextfly three times to try to catch Matt. The first two times I stopped by he was busy or not in the office. I caught him the third time I stopped by and wasn’t able to find a need since Nextfly rarely goes through paper or ink. When I was leaving, Matt stopped me and said he was looking for a new salesman to hire and liked my initiative. That conversation leads to another and Matt offered me a job at Nextfly that I would end up accepting.

Outside of work, I enjoy trying to be outside as much as possible. I like to go on runs, play basketball with my brothers and friends, and play with my dog. I also recently got into collecting and investing in sports cards. This involves buying sports cards of players that you think will do well in the future. If they do end up playing well, you can hopefully resell the cards you bought for a profit. I enjoy it because I used to collect cards when I was younger and it reminds me of those times.

I am very excited to join the Nextfly team and expand my knowledge about web design and sales while helping people grow their businesses.

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