Paid Marketing for Successful Marketing: Yay or Nay?

Paid Marketing for Successful Marketing: Yay or Nay?

Paid Search Marketing, or Pay Per Click marketing is when you advertise your products or services within the sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site. Paid advertisements are placed alongside organic results and are bought rather than earned.

Here are a few reasons why web development companies love them so much.

First Page Exposure

Google has over 200 metrics to rank websites. Search Engine Optimization or SEO which generates organic traffic, requires specialist knowledge and a high investment in terms of time and effort.

Even after rigorous on-page and off-page optimization your website may not make it to the first page of any top search engines.

Paid marketing is the fastest and the easiest way to get you there. The average user does not looks beyond the first five results and getting there without paid marketing may take you weeks, months or even years. 

Immediate Traffic

Paid search is quick to implement. You can start seeing traffic and sales as quick as 24 hours after setting up your account. This can give an immediate boost of traffic even when you have little to no exposure in search engines.

You not only get an immediate traffic, but a constant one too. It is easy to predict future conversions by analyzing past volumes around relevant keywords. You can also implement budget limits to control the amount of traffic you receive.

Accurate Tracking of Returns

Traditional marketing tools are not only expensive; there is also no way of knowing how many conversions it has generated.

There is no accountability for the money you’ve spent. On the other hand, with paid marketing you can track down the exact return on investment for every keyword, ad or campaign.

One of the biggest advantages here is that you don’t pay for your advertisement to be displayed. You pay only for conversions. Google Analytics helps to measure and analyze your campaign performance.

Highly Targeted

Paid search marketing platforms provide advertisers with geo-tagging and ad scheduling facilities.

Geo tagging allows you to display your ads to selected, specified locations around the world. You have the option of targeting an area by the zip code, city, state or country.

Ad scheduling lets you choose specific days and time of the day to run their ads.

This generates highly targeted traffic as the viewers are actively searching for the kind of products or services that you offer. Ads are created in relevance to consumer searches and lead to high click through rate.

Now, a word of caution.

Paid marketing aides businesses in varying stages, from boosting their traffic to kick-starting the conversions. However, it can never replace organic marketing.

Good organic search marketing builds permanent traffic sources for your website. It is an effective and long-term strategy. Its foundation is producing great content and implementing good SEO practices.

To make your overall marketing strategy effective and your business successful, you need to find a balance between paid search marketing and organic search marketing, depending on your niche and maturity. You will find that investing in both will help secure both short-term and long-term goals. 

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