Optimizing Your Customer Testimonials: Truth or Myth?

Optimizing Your Customer Testimonials: Truth or Myth?

As consumers, we don’t trust new businesses and rightly so.

When a product does not match up to its claims, it can cost the customer a lot more than the price they pay for it. Phoenix web development companies will tell you this is where testimonials come in. They help provide credibility and establish trust.

While on the surface it may seem like there can possibly be no optimization for something as simple as a testimonial, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Optimizing your social proof requires just as much strategy and testing as any other element of your website. Here are a few tips to follow.

Include Photos

Photos can increase perceived trust. Faces are one of the most eye catching elements in all forms of marketing.

Research has shown that adding a picture of the customer next to their testimonial dramatically increases the click through rate by making the statements more believable.

Customer Stories

This is where you can get creative. Instead of using a short, one sentence praise that we’ve all seen a 100 times before, a customer’s story of being rescued by your product in the hour of need will be much more relatable. Well told stories wrap people up in details and lead to persuasion. 

Both Short and Long Forms are Important

“Always keep your testimonials short” is an advice that gets thrown around a lot.

However, that’s not always the best course of action. Testimonials by nature are targeted towards an interested audience and long testimonials often include more in-depth explanations of problems or issues which can be relatable to your potential customers.

Take the Good with the Bad

A recent study has shown that 30% viewers suspect the reviews to be fake if they don’t find any criticism at all.

In this day and age where anything can be bought, people tend to be skeptical about online testimonials. Leaving out testimonials with minor flaws may seem like arguing against your own self-interest, but it helps build up your credibility among your customers.

Feature Relatable Customers

Your future prospects are looking to see testimonials that they can relate to. Informalizing your testimonials to a certain extent can help achieve this.

Make it a point to feature customers from all the demographics and buyer personas that you’re trying to attract. A collection of unpolished feedback from relatable people will feel more authentic.

Instill Confidence through Familiarity

Recognizable brands make the things they endorse look better. Testimonials from a few notable consumers will help establish your credibility. Endorsements from social influencers can also give your new business the ‘pick me up’ it needs.

While the above list comprises of the major pointers, there are a few more things to take note of.

Always take your customer’s permission beforehand for making their remarks or feedback public. It is a good idea to keep updating your testimonials regularly.

You also need to carefully consider the best place for testimonials on your website so as to provide a strategic advantage in terms of conversions. And most important of all, NEVER fake a testimonial.

Now that you’ve learnt some of the best strategies in the industry, go flaunt your optimized testimonials across various social media platforms and watch them turn into conversions.

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