Why Shopify Is A Great eCommerce Solution

Why Shopify Is A Great eCommerce Solution

Shopify is a great eCommerce solutionHere at NEXTFLY, we love to build eCommerce websites for our customers. Our WordPress eCommerce solutions work great, but occasionally we’ll have a customer that has so many products that WordPress just isn’t a good solution for them. That’s where we suggest Shopify for eCommerce. If you’re new to eCommerce or want to expand your brick-and-mortar store to the web, then Shopify is a great solution for you.

Shopify has so many great things going for it, and it really makes building a website easy. If you’re interested in starting an eCommerce business, contact NEXTFLY to get you started with Shopify or another eCommerce platform.

Why We Love Shopify for eCommerce

There are many reasons to love Shopify, but we usually recommend it to our clients with large catalogs of inventory or already established businesses looking to expand their reach online. Not only that, Shopify can do all the things a normal website can. Need to make landing pages and blogs? Shopify can do that too.

Shopify is also great for sales and marketing. Shopify comes with lots of built-in marketing features and makes sales and discount codes easy to create and implement. There are many big-name online retailers that use Shopify for eCommerce too. Sephora, Tesla, and Kylie Cosmetics are just some of the major companies that use Shopify to sell their products as well.

Hosting and Security Included

When you build a WordPress website, you’ll need to pay for a domain name and hosting before you can go live. Hosting is where on a server your website lives. Shopify uses cloud hosting so you can access your store from anywhere with admin login details and an administrator account. Hosting is included in your Shopify pricing.

Security with Shopify is top-notch. Not only is your business data safe, so is your customer’s data. All sites are up to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DDS). These standards are created to increase controls around payment data to reduce fraud. In order to accept any of the major credit card companies, your site needs to be PCI compliant. And, if you don’t mind if your customers pay with apple pay, amazon pay, Paypal, and you can set up all of these payment options easily. You can even accept bitcoin if you want. Shopify makes it easy. With no transaction fees and lower credit card fees, Shopify is an affordable solution that’s ready to take payments as soon as you go live.

Reaching new customers is easy with a Shopify websiteBuilt-in Marketing Tools

Have you ever started to buy something from a website, but then abandoned your cart. Then a couple of days later you get an email reminding you of your abandoned cart? That’s called remarketing and Shopify makes it easy to remarket to customers, email subscribers, and those who abandoned their checkouts.

Shopify also makes it easy to integrate to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms for advertising. Collections and pages have sections available for meta descriptions and URL changes so your site is optimized for search engines.

Can Handle Large Quantities of Products

We usually recommend Shopify for eCommerce when we have a client that has over 25 products to sell. It’s easy to batch upload lots of products in an excel spreadsheet. Each product will have its own product page created with the information you provide. Then it’s easy for you to add more details to your products from the product pages.

You can also include variations of your products. Say you sell t-shirts that come in different colors as well as different sizes. Shopify gives you room to customize your variations so customers can choose exactly what they need without navigating to a new product page.

Point of Sales Tools

If you have a brick-and-mortar store as well as an eCommerce store, it might be difficult to keep your inventory straight. With Shopify’s point of sales tools, you can easily keep track of your inventory by using these tools in tandem with your online store. You can also allow customers to buy online and then pay in-store.

And shipping is easy to set up too! Shopify works with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other major shipping companies to help you print labels and calculate shipping costs. This is really easy to set up, especially if you already have a business account set up with one or more of these shipping companies.

Easy To Develop and Customize

Before you start your Shopify site, you’ll need to purchase a theme. Shopify has a large variety of customizable themes. Some themes are free, but others are a one-time payment of $100 or more. These themes often come with developer support for special features if needed. Every theme comes with a few different styles. Colors, logos, pictures, and menus can be changed in a snap.

Want to show product reviews, Instagram posts, or create loyalty points? Shopify has a large number of apps that can be easily integrated into your online store. If there’s something you want your website to do that’s not a function of your theme, adding an app will improve your site’s functionality.

Shopify Support is helpfulExcellent Support

At NEXTFLY, when it comes to making your Shopify website, we’re here to help you with the setup and customization of your pages. When it comes to uploading and organizing your products, connecting your shipping and payment accounts, and setting up fulfillment services, the ball is in your court. Luckily, with your Shopify account, you get free Shopify support.

Now, we understand that sometimes contacting web support is as fun as getting a root canal, but talking with Shopify support is actually a pleasant experience. They are available 24/7 either through live chats or phone calls. Are you having a problem with something or experiencing a glitch? The experts at Shopify are your best resource for the questions you have.

Contact NEXTFLY to Start your Shopify Website

It doesn’t matter if you’re a website novice or totally tech-savvy, having a partner to help build your eCommerce business is never a bad idea. NEXTFLY is here to answer your questions, bounce ideas off of, build logos and integrate your colors onto your new site. If you’re ready to move forward on a Shopify for eCommerce website, then contact NEXTFLY today. We’re happy to work with you and help you weigh your eCommerce options to find the right solution for your business.

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