On-Site SEO vs. Content Marketing

On-Site SEO vs. Content Marketing


The truth about SEO and content marketing is that most businesses aren’t very good at either. Here at NEXTFLY we specialize in both and use these tools effectively every day to help our clients achieve their goals. We help companies increase their revenues with our proven and effective strategies.

In this article I would like to detail the difference between on-site SEO and the broader scope of SEO through content marketing.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is a process on it’s own. Simply put, it is the process of organizing and optimizing the content that is already on your website so that it is better recognized by search engines. When it comes to effective on-site SEO there are many tricks to the trade. We here at NEXTFLY have a deep understanding of what search engines are looking for when it comes to content surrounding your industry and services. We then comb your website and implement specific strategies that make your content stand out above the content of your competition. These strategies include but are not limited to key word enrichment, photo placement and proper linking. We do all of this with SEO in mind and our results are proven.

One of the biggest challenges that we face in the web design industry is a simple lack of content from our customers. Many businesses have content rich sites but for most the reason they haven’t ranked high in SEO in the past is due to a severe lack of content. Having a website full of rich content is key to effective SEO on any level. A lack of content will severely impact your rankings on every major search engine. On the other hand, having a wealth of rich optimized content shows the search engines that your website is a trusted resource of information in regards to your industry and services. Being a trusted resource means that your site will display above the others in your industry and thereby drive more viewers to your site.

Content Marketing

Effective content marketing is the process that goes on after the website and content are optimized. This is an entirely different approach to SEO and designed to achieve even better and sustainable results. Effective content marketing could be simply put by saying ongoing content creation. Here at NEXTFLY we educate our customers every day on how to do this in house if they want to launch their own content marketing campaign. If they believe it is too much work or something they simply don’t have time for, we take on this challenge for them at an hourly rate with a promise to deliver content rich material to their site each weeks that drives results. In addition to creating the content, we couple these efforts with all venues of social media. Using social media to promote your content increases your area of exposure and in addition will drive more clicks to your site or article. This bump in traffic has a major effect on the search engines again seeing your website as the trusted resource for information in your industry.

Using Both Strategies

Coupling on-site SEO and effective content marketing is the key to driving results to your business. Using these proven methods will drive your site to the top of search engine rankings for your industry and service. If you couple these strategies with a beautiful website that is designed to captivate your audience and capture their contact information, you have successfully created a website that generates leads for your business and increases revenues for your company!

Become #1 in your market!

Here at NEXTFLY we have helped thousands of companies achieve rankings of #1 in their market. Our websites are specifically designed to encourage the viewer to contact you easily and provide the info you need to engage them as a client. Our proven methods of SEO and content marketing will drive your business to the top position. I always compare effective SEO strategy to a car race. We can rev up your engine to get you in the lead but unless we continually press the gas, you will fall behind. Let our affordable and proven strategies of SEO and content marketing go to work for you! Our team of trusted developers and consultants are standing by and wanting to speak with you. Contact NEXTFLY today and harness the power of over 12 years of experience in SEO and content marketing. Our proven results will increase your revenues and show your clients why you are the trusted resource in your industry and area.

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