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Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Having a poorly performing website cause a business to lose customers, and no one wants that. Web design combines form and function in a way that makes the site enjoyable, navigable, interesting, and usable. That is why we’ve put together some common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid.

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

No Clear Call to Action

Not having a call to action is one of the biggest mistakes you can make on a website. A call to action focuses your visitors on what their next step is. The best experience for a website tells the customer what, where, and how.

It isn’t necessary to get creative with the wording on your call to action. Be clear with your language, and tell users exactly what to do.

Unclear Messaging

Your message is imperative to your business’s success. You need to create a message that is compelling to your audience and connects with them emotionally. Your message will come from your brand values and beliefs. This should differentiate you from your competition.

Weak SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Along with having a good layout, it’s important to not forget how impactful content is to a good user experience. Good content not only creates a good user experience but also helps your site be found organically through search engines.

Contact Information Hard to Find

It is important that your potential customers to easily contact you. Having your phone number or email address prominently shown in the header or foot of your site is an easy way to do this. It might also be a good idea to have a page dedicated to this information.

Slow Loading Times

Websites that have a loading speed of more than 3 seconds, typically result in a bounce rate of 53 percent. That means that almost half of the site’s visitors are leaving the site almost immediately. Having a slow website also has an impact on your search engine rankings as well.


Having a navigation menu that is hard to find is a common web design mistake. Visitors need to be able to find and navigate your website with ease, otherwise, they will abandon your site. Make sure you navigation is easy to understand and find.

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