10 Free Web Usability Tools You Should Use Today

10 Free Web Usability Tools You Should Use Today

NEXTFLY, the top Website Design Company in Phoenix has brought to you an awesome list of web usability tools that will help you identify and solve usability issues. And did we mention they are free?

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console is a service by Google for webmasters. It is widely popular among designers as it allows them to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites through a number of free tools.


GTMetrix is a free tool that determines the causes of site slowdown. You can either do an instant test, or create an account and add a number of pages for regular monthly reports. It helps you find out what aspects of your site’s code aren’t working as it easily identifies script, CSS and image errors.


Spur offers a number of ways of testing your design into one web app. All you need to do is Enter your URL in the box. You get a snapshot of your page with a number of buttons so you can check out whether your design still works in grayscale, high contrast, if it’s blurred and at different zoom levels.


Pingdom‘s online URL analyzer tests page load time. It also finds bottlenecks that you can eliminate to speed up your site.

Google Content Experiments

Many marketers already use A/B testing to see which version of a campaign they should run with. Google Content Experiments help you set up testing on your Analytics enabled website, using up to five different versions so you can check how your site works for visitors.


ClickHeat offers three ways of visualizing visitor interaction through click maps, heat maps and hover maps. You have to download and install it to the server yourself. This will help you understand how to change your site and improve the user experience.


OptimalWorkshop offers three tools for different aspects of usability and all of them are free for life. These tools are ‘Chalkmark’ for click testing for your web design, ‘Treejack’ to see how people interact with your site structure and ‘Optimal Sort’ for card sorting.

Using any of these tools or a combination of them will go a long way in improving the usability of your site and making sure your visitors have a positive and rewarding experience.


Phostir, uses a traffic light system to identify errors on high-, medium- and low-use pages. you can get a report on what the errors are and how to fix them for any section of your website. It makes it easy to focus on the pages people are visiting most and troubleshooting errors in real time.


UserEcho allows you to survey customers and provide support, thus enhancing the user experience and improving usability. This is a useful way to collect data on the features that users want to see on your website.


BrowserShots tests how your site looks in different browsers and various versions of each browser. Once you plug in your URL, you get a series of screenshots of the page in various browsers. This helps in determining compatibility.

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