Top Reasons Your Visitors Leave the Site within a Minute

Top Reasons Your Visitors Leave the Site within a Minute

Hit with a sudden surge of bounce rate? Phoenix web design is here to tell you why.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave your website after viewing just one page. It’s not always a bad thing but alarmingly high rates can be a cause of concern. We have compiled a list of the most common causes of high bounce rates.

Slow Page Load Time

I cannot stress this enough. You cannot have a slow website in the days of high speed internet. If you make people wait for more than 3 seconds for your page to load, they are going to leave for your competitor’s website. And your site rankings are going to take a huge hit.

Adding oversized images that can’t be downloaded quickly, using custom fonts that must be downloaded before anyone can even read the page, adding a lot of fancy sliders and JavaScript effects will all make your page look good, if your users stick around till it’s completely loaded.

Intrusive Advertisements

People visit your page to get a solution to their problem.  Not to be bombarded with alternative offers and intrusive advertisements. No one is going to stick around for that 60 second to be over so that they can finally find what they came for.

If your site is ad supported, make sure that the ads shown are relevant to the visitor and related to the material on your page. Certain types of banner ads can also be distracting and reduce the amount of trust your visitors feel when visiting your site.

Poor Targeting

Anyone with a budget can drive a ton of traffic to a landing page but that’s not enough. You need to drive the right traffic to your landing page, meaning visitors who are primed to convert. The right traffic will be expecting what your landing page says.

Users often leave landing pages due to unclear or even misleading messaging, failing to understand the actual product, service or message being displayed. This happens most often when you are reaching the wrong or inappropriate audience.

Poor Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Having poor grammar and spelling mistakes in your site can make you look shady even if the content itself high quality. It will lose you your credibility and viewers won’t be likely to trust you with their personal information or money.

Always proofread your content many times over before publishing it. If you’re not confident with your language skills, hire someone to write or edit for you. Also, make sure your page is skimmable and written with easy on the eyes font.

Ugly Landing Pages

A poor or unpolished visual design will be sure to drive visitors. If not, it will surely reduce the amount of time the person is willing to look at the page for purely aesthetic reasons.

Good designs may not guarantee a great conversion rate but a poor design will surely take a hit at it. Going overboard with your landing page can also harm you. Too many distracting elements at one place evoke the issue of legibility in your users.

Now that you know the leading causes of site abandonment, you can take the necessary steps to keep it in check.

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