5 Simple Web Design Hacks to Skyrocket Your Conversions Today

5 Simple Web Design Hacks to Skyrocket Your Conversions Today

NEXTFLY, your Phoenix Web Design firm, have been at it for years and learned a lot along the way. Today we want to share some valuable information about a few simple design hacks that can cause a dramatic improvement in your views and conversion rates.


A complex checkout page is one of the major reasons of website abandonment. Choking your site with lengthy and complicated checkout pages makes all efforts that you applied in order to engage and keep the visitors stay on your site go in vain. The final spot at which a person places an order needs to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

Creating a one-page checkout is the optimal solution here. Make the checkout page short and clear and upload it with sections to choose the preferred shipping/payment/transportation options. Also make it convenient for the users to sign in.

Social Proof

Testimonials are the most powerful trust signals as they allow new potential customers to look through the reflections of fellow shoppers, leaving them confident that their money is being well spent and that they will not be treated unprofessionally.

Social proofs can boost a brand’s reliability in the eyes of the web audience. You should leave space to showcase awards and accreditations as well. A separate page showcasing your team members, their skills and recent projects will also help.

Simple Fonts

The fancy looking font isn’t going to help you if your users can’t read them. The simpler the fonts you use, the easier it gets for people to scan through your content. Always go for sans serif fonts.

All high-converting landing pages use basic typography only which ensures that all data from the site’s pages will be properly displayed on all desktop and handheld devices. This makes the content comprehensive to target audience, resulting in greater user engagement and higher conversion rates.

Hero Image

An effective hero image is a great way to make a visual impact on your customers. It is the primary creative element of your page that works to strengthen your headline and values proposition, tying in closely with your benefits and driving people to click that CTA button.

Remember that your hero image has to work with other elements, such as your headline and values proposition to add value to the page.

Color Palette

It is way more important than it may seem to a novice. Color psychology and its impact on your design and viewers is a whole study in itself. When choosing the best color palette for your company’s website, always take context into account.

What works for your competitor won’t necessarily work for you. Take into consideration the background and foreground colors, as well as other key elements on your page, such as your copy before zeroing in on a combination.

Follow these simple website hacks; you’ll surely see a dramatic change in site visitor retention, engagement, and your conversions.

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