How to Convert Your Website Better With Solid SEO Strategies

How to Convert Your Website Better With Solid SEO Strategies

A Lot of companies are under the impression that the only goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to rank your website better. That’s not entirely true though.

Yes, SEO can help your website gain quality, and qualified traffic, attract the right visitors, and improve your brand’s visibility without having to pay for those clicks. But it can also do so much more!

When done properly, your SEO can directly influence your sales online. You know Google values outstanding content and usability more than anything. Fortunately, your target customers want the same thing. Let’s see how SEO can help you drive better conversion results.

Strategic keyword strategy to attract qualified traffic

Unless you are a majorly popular brand, your SEO strategy is probably more focused on targeting highly-relevant longer tail phrases, and less concerned with ranking for competitive and popular terms that convert at lower rates.

You (hopefully) know that users who search for these longer tail phrases are more likely to find what they are looking for, and so, more likely to convert.

Create a landing page that aligns with user intent

Say, your website sells handbags. User searches for term “red handbags”. Unless you have created a category landing page populated with red handbags, Google will not be able to rank you anywhere for that search term.

The point is that SEO is crucial in helping match the user intent by providing the most relevant pages of your website as the ‘entry points’ for the user. Focus on creating content-rich landing pages that the search engines find useful enough to crawl and index. It helps with search visibility in a major way and thus, leads to conversions.

Improve page loading times

Yes, Google considers page load times while determining the rankings because users absolutely hate slow load times! It not only increases the site bounce rates, but Google also penalizes the slow-loading websites. A fast loading website means an excellent user experience, which means a) Google will rank your site higher in the search rankings, and b) great user experience almost always leads to conversions!

Offer better mobile experience

According to Google, since 2015, more and more searches are carried out on mobile devices than on desktop/laptop. That’s probably why Google has stated time and again that content that is not easily accessible from mobile will not rank well.

So obviously, focus on making your site content mobile-friendly. Since most of the users are using mobile devices, a mobile-friendly website offers a much better user experience than one that doesn’t. Make sure all your site pages are mobile-optimized; it will not only please Google, but also your users.

Now you know that search engine optimization plays a far important role in site conversion than most people realize. Search engines like Google place a high value on usability, so it’s imperative that following SEO best practices will help improve your user experience. And that, in turn, will rank you much higher in the search rankings.

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