Improve Your SEO Strategy with These Easy Tips

Improve Your SEO Strategy with These Easy Tips

If are looking to grow your business in the digital marketing world, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important part of your quest. Let’s talk about the best SEO tips and tricks to improve your SEO strategy.

Before we begin, let’s make something clear. The tips we are about to share are NOT quick Black Hat techniques. Those illegitimate tactics target the search engines instead of the users, and if you do decide to use them to improve your ranking, Google will penalize you or even remove your site altogether.

Are you still with us? Great. Here are some tips that are easy to incorporate in your SEO strategy and guarantee a great ranking over time. All you need to do is be consistent.

Make Your Content Bookmark-Worthy

You need to focus on two things – excellently written blog posts, and great ideas behind those blog posts. One really excellent way to find topics to write about is using the Auto Fill feature of Google. You know, that feature when you type in a keyword and Google predicts a list of terms? These are the search queries that Google users type in to find the content.

So, make a list of these keywords and go to town with it. You’ll get a bunch of great ideas right away. Do this with each keyword you have. A lot of search query suggestions mean it’s a popular subject among the searchers.

Keep Up-to-date with Google Algorithms

Google is famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) for changing its algorithms rather frequently. As a Search Engine Optimization professional, you must keep an eye on all those ever-changing updates.

Generally, the changes occur every couple of months (yep, THAT frequently). And unfortunately, sometimes the only way to become aware of these changes is to notice a shift in your site traffic.

Use Google Keyword Planner (AdWords)

This is a great tool to look for keyword ideas. Look for keywords that have a decent average monthly search volume. Then type those keywords in Google search bar. Look at the page 1 search results. Can you compete and rank for those results?

Engage with Reddit Users

This is in regard with the online communities. A great many businesses turn to these communities online to improve their rankings. And we must say it works really well.

Reddit is one of the biggest online communities in the world and a really high-authority platform. If someone (or you) shares any of your content on Reddit, you drastically improve your chances of getting that content indexed and ranked almost instantly.

Make Sure No Link Is Broken

A couple of bad and broken links is all it takes to push your site down in the ranking. If you have redesigned your website, make double sure that all the URLs and incoming links work properly. This is essential for SEO as well as your user experience. If a visitor clicks on a page and gets a “404: Page Not Found” error, he will be left disgruntled. To avoid that, a regular link audit is recommended.

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