The right questions to ask your Web Developer!

The right questions to ask your Web Developer!

Hiring the right web development and design company is first and foremost the best thing you can do to ensure your company is portrayed in the right light. Here is a list of questions to ask when hiring an Arizona web development company.

How does their website look? Is it modern? is it clean? Is it elegant? Is it professional? Chances are if they didn’t do these items with their own website they probably won’t be able to with yours either.  The truth about web design in Arizona is that many designers and developers know a little bit about web design. The real truth is that only a few select designers and Developers do this job extremely well. We get calls every week from clients who have already taken a cheap route with a questionable developer only to find out they are stuck with an unfinished product and knee deep and expenses.  Web design and development is not something you want to have to learn the hard way.  It is of the utmost importance to do your due diligence ahead of time and make sure the company you hire can deliver what was promised.

Is there portfolio available online? Any developer of quality should be able to cite many websites they have built and created for previous clients and also share success stories about the impact their website had for those clients.  A quality developer will have many references and testimonials of previous successes that they’ve shown previous customers.

How many years have they been in business? Our Phoenix web design company has been in business over 17 years. We’ve created over 1300 websites and have over 2,000 active clients.  There are many fly-by-night companies in this industry not to mention up-and-comers straight out of college who know a little bit about web design but don’t have the experience to pull off a professional functioning productive website. While this option may look glamorous because the price is low in the long run it’s much more expensive to make the mistake.

How easy were they to find online?  Does their website rank among the top organic searches for the industry?  Search engine optimization is a key for every website. What good is a website that can’t be found?  A beautiful website that doesn’t rank well is similar to putting a billboard in the middle of the desert. If your billboard is not next to the highway it’s not going to get the views it needs to be successful. Our Phoenix web design company ranks among the top organic searches in our industry. This fact alone sets us apart from our competition and shows that we can deliver the same results for our clients.

What does their website look like when viewed from a phone or tablet?  Over 60% of the people who look at your website will be looking at it from a device other than a laptop or computer.  Many developers fail to do this effectively. A mobile-friendly website is essential to convert visitors into clients. A beautiful thumb driven version of your website will allow people to make one click to call you, fields that are easy to populate to submit information, and be aesthetically pleasing to encourage visitors to take the next step.

Is there work process transparent?  Once the project is underway are you able to view the construction of your website in real time?  Our Phoenix web design company offers a mock-up process. We will show you a proof of what we think the website should look like and get your feedback and approval before construction begins. Once construction is underway the website is hosted live in our test environment. A link is sent out to you so you can view Construction in real time to ensure that you are getting the product you paid for.

Have they worked in your industry before?  There is no substitute for experience. Many web Developers don’t have the track record to help businesses in your industry. Make sure that they worked in your vertical or similar ones and have been effective in the past.

Will you own the website once the work is done?  It is a common Trend in the web development business to offer a subscription-based model that allows the developer to maintain control of your website indefinitely.  They will often offer you a low introductory rate in order to keep you on a high monthly subscription service. The only problem with this model is that you never really own the website. You are stuck paying that monthly bill indefinitely. The moment you stop making the monthly payment the website gets taken down and you own nothing. Our Phoenix web design company chooses to approach this a different way. We empower our clients through a training process to learn how to make edits to their own website and we give complete control over to the client. We do offer retainer Services if you choose to have us continue to support you in the future but the choice is yours.  You own the website and all the files Associated to it and are free to have any one of your choosing work on it in the future. You are also free to host the website anywhere you like.

Are they willing to meet you in person?  While many developers claim to be local they are often part of a call center and not physically around to support you when needed. Make sure your web design company in Arizona is actually in Arizona. Invite them to your offices for an in-person meeting.

Do they guarantee their work?  One of the biggest fears people have when hiring a web design company is that they will not be happy with the finished product. Our Phoenix web design firm does not get paid in full until the project is completed to your liking. We continually make edits and improvements to the site until we all agree it’s ready to be online. We do not get paid in full until the finished product is perfect and everyone is happy with it.

Asking these questions will help you on your journey to make sure you select the right web design company in Arizona. There is no substitute for experience and reputation!  All the best!

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