How to Make Your Blog More Persuasive

How to Make Your Blog More Persuasive

Persuasion is the key to make your blog truly effective, especially when you’re marketing a product, brand, or business online. NEXTFLY, your top Phoenix web design company, has brought to you some amazing tips on how to make your blog posts more persuasive to the readers.

Credible Content

To be persuasive, your content must first be credible. The best way to add some credibility to your blog is to have an influential individual, who is highly respected in the industry, to contribute. You should also develop the habit of citing content from well-respected and popular websites.

Go a step further and mention your own knowledge and experience in the article by including an author description at the top or bottom of the page. Another effective practice is to insert quotes from well-respected experts in your industry to back up your claims. Being transparent and ethical at all times will work wonders in improving your credibility.

Be Relatable

Many readers don’t feel like they can connect and relate to a blogger with lot of expertise who pen down their posts filled with technical jargons that only people who are ‘in the know’ can understand.

Following this practice will make your brand feel unreachable to the users. A great way to make sure your blog is relatable is by using stories and analogies. Use stories that people can easily identify with.

Persuasive Design

Often times it’s simply not enough to have a powerful copy, you need a persuasive design as well. A site with an aesthetic appeal conveys a sense of authority to your users. You must follow the best design practices that are adopted by your niche industry but at the same time create some elements which surprise the user.
Persuasive blog design should be content-centric. You can do this by using plenty of negative space to make sure the content has breathing room. Go for a simple design and implement visual hierarchy.

Use Emotional Triggers

This is a super effective writing technique that attracts and binds your readers to whatever you’re saying. You should appeal to the entire spectrum of positive and negative emotions through your posts to get the desired reactions out of your users.

This is so important because maintaining the interest of your readers requires more than just providing them information, no matter how valuable it is. Your goal with each sentence should be to leave the reader wanting more and asking thought-provoking questions.

Be Passionate

This one is a no brainer but very, very important. Your readers will know when you are really passionate about a topic and when you are writing something halfheartedly. Your passion is contagious; the readers will enjoy your passion for the topic and be persuaded by it.

To wrap it up, remember that blogging demands of you a serious commitment. You need to invest a lot of time into it constantly to see the results you desire. The only way to success is unbent dedication.

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