Top Apps Every Web Designer Should Know About

Top Apps Every Web Designer Should Know About

NEXTFLY, your Phoenix web design company, brings to you a compilation of some great apps out there that allow the tech-savvy to manage their workflow with great grace and ease.

Keep reading to know our favorite mobile companions for when inspiration hits us.


Paper comes very handy if you’re always on the go. You can use it to draw on photos or quickly spotlight details to send back to those impatient text messages. You can also create sharp diagrams, charts, and drawings with the highly efficient and easy to use tools.

This app is very versatile as you can also use it to take notes, create checklists and titles. Your work can also easily be shared on social media or email. It is free for iPhone and iPad.


iMockups is great for creating low-fidelity wireframes and mockups for designs. The sleek interface is a simple multi touch drag-and-drop affair, enabling you to concentrate on functionality, rather than visuals. It is fast, responsive, and unpretentious.

It enables you to use electronic sticky notes, shapes, and other markup techniques to get reviewers to comment on wireframes, or use the markup to draw attention to certain decisions made while creating the wireframe. The documents can be emailed in the app’s own format, or exported to PNG and BMML.

Thinking Space

Thinking Space is one of the most innovative applications out there with decent graphics, well thought UI, and wide spectrum of functionality. You can use it to easily create nodes, arrange them, and add notes to them.

This app is designed for recording brainstorms and for mapping out your garbled thoughts so that when an idea hits, you’ll have a structured medium to convey them. It also enables you to upload your data to the cloud and access them from anywhere via your android mobile device.


Half of the web is powered by WordPress. Accessing backend and the dashboard of different websites through android applications on a mobile device brings true mobility to a designer.

This app enables you to complete all backend related tasks and gives access to all WordPress features and functionalities with a greater convenience. It also allows you to write new posts, edit content and manage comments, all through the lovely WordPress UI.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas enables designers to jot down quick ideas that can be later worked on in Illustrator or Photoshop. It lets you refine and share your ideas easily through instant sharing to Facebook and Twitter or exporting artwork as a PDF email attachment.

This app comes with multiple drawing tools, including pencil, pen, paint brush, and marker tools. You can also create duplicate layers to quickly make a copy of their content or merge two layers to reduce the number of layers in your artwork.

The ability to make important changes and alter your designs based on a client’s feedback on the go is invaluable. Mobile access to your work is the key to growth in today’s world.

Let us know your favorite apps to work on in the comments below.

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