Speed Bump Ahead

Speed Bump Ahead

My neighborhood recently added a few speed bumps to a road near my home, as a parent of little ones, I appreciate that very much.  As a driver, on the other hand, I find them super annoying. Just seeing the sign ‘Speed Bump Ahead” annoys me. I know there are 3, yet after each one I speed back up just to slow back down to make it over the next one. Just as you get going again at a comfortable speed there is another one to ruin your momentum, and on with the brakes we go. Obviously I am being a bit over dramatic about a few bumps meant to help with traffic safety but when writing or reading a content page or a blog post your spelling and grammar errors act just like these little speed bumps and make people want to leave your page and take a different route next time.

We are a Phoenix Web design Company and we are always working to stay on top of our SEO. We know here that Content Is King and adding new updated content pages and weekly blogs is a great way to boost your SEO. Content for the sake of content, is not king. It still needs to be well read and free from grammatical and spelling errors.

If your site is full of spelling and grammatical speed bumps people won’t want to stay and read it. Most people blogging or adding content have the spelling part under control, I mean spell check is on everything so it’s not difficult to fix those, but you still have to proof read! You may have the word spelled correctly but are using it wrong way. The two biggest examples are: to, too, two and their, there, they’re. All spelled correctly but all different grammatical meanings. These are not the only culprits just my two biggest pet peeves, and it seems half of the FB world has no idea when to use any of them.

Why is grammar so Important?

Credibility is one of the main reasons you are adding all of this content to your site in the first place, it’s not easy to gain and very easy to lose. As a company it is difficult to be taken seriously or gain credibility if your posts are riddled with errors. Not only is it difficult and choppy to read but it hard to take someone seriously who “has two go over their.”  Your business comes off as sloppy and unprofessional and that is most definitely not what you want.

There is also the the loss of interest, maybe you didn’t lose your credibility to the reader, but they didn’t stay around to finish reading. This can increase your bounce rate like I talked about last week. You don’t want to write all of that content and have no one stay around to read it.

If you can’t be trusted to take the time to proof read your material how can your customers trust that you took time to make your product correctly or trust you with their account.

Grammar and spelling are important even in the age of texting and shortening every word you can into 3 or less letters. When you are publishing content of any kind on your website you

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