9 Easy Tricks to Sky Rocket Your Website’s SEO Authority

9 Easy Tricks to Sky Rocket Your Website’s SEO Authority

It’s easy to think that learning the art of Search Engine Optimization is a piece of cake. But believe it when NEXTFLY, your Top Phoenix Web Design Company, tells you that it’s much harder to master it.

All it takes is a bit of effort and you can learn how to measure the metrics that affect your website.  Here are some really easy ways to boost your site’s search engine ranking.

Make sure that nothing obscures your site links: Consider this from the code perspective. When the robots are analyzing your codes and they come across image URLs or JavaScript instead of text-based links, they fail to recognize it. Keep a close eye on your links and ensure they are visible.

Monitor the links: We are talking about the incoming links here. If you think that a website is not good enough for you to link to yours, disavow that links immediately. Similarly, if you think your website is not the right match to link to a certain website, reconsider your decision to link to it.

Always optimize your titles: Either it’s a Home page or a blog post, a keyword-rich title improves the odds of ranking. At the same time, do not overdo it to such a degree that title is stuffed with all your keywords. Your goal should be to include keywords in the title, and make it catchy enough that your visitors will want to read click on it.

Don’t forget your old web pages: If you are regularly publishing new content, it’s possible to forget about your old site pages. This might negatively affect the search engine ranking of those pages, so don’t ignore them. Every other month, update the old content with new internal linking or images to keep it relevant.

Don’t use the “Click Here” anchor text: In case it needs saying, never use the generic words as your link anchor text instead use relevant keywords. Links are extremely powerful and when you add keywords to the mix, it’s an easy boost for your search engine ranking.

The Power of local SEO: Google has made it clear that local SEO is just going to get more powerful with time. So make use of that. Next time you mention your business location, say it like “our store in Maricopa County”, instead of just “our store.”

Think like your users: Using keywords is not enough anymore. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and target organic search phrases. Chances are, your business location will be a part of that keyword phrase, so use with the previous tip and you have double the power of SEO.

Optimize your images: Whenever you publish an image anywhere either on your website or social media, ensure that its description is keyword rich. This is really easy to do and really boosts your SEO results.

Index your new websites or web pages as quickly as possible: You can do this by sharing them on Google+, or by linking to them on another of your website or a guest blog.

Publish new content at least 2 times a week: We suggest at least two or three blog posts or articles should be published every week. You just cannot expect to master your site SEO without posting good-quality content on a regular basis.

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