8 Color Palettes that Top Financial Websites Swear By

8 Color Palettes that Top Financial Websites Swear By

Finance is a precious commodity that needs the utmost care. NEXTFLY Phoenix brings to you a list of the best color palettes for your financial website that will convey not only an impression of professionalism, but also an open and friendly image that will allow the customer to feel confident in dealing with your company.

The mentioned color palettes include their ‘Technorati Authority’ score, a status symbol that companies fought hard to improve.

Brown and Orange

Technorati Authority: 670

This may seem like an unusual combination but it works because the colors brown and orange are associated with home, hearth, and stability, inspiring feelings of safety and comfort.

The Green Family

Technorati Authority: 593

You can easily implement the green family in a minimalist web design. Green is the color of money, it shows you mean business. You can even experiment with blue-green or a yellow-green combination for variety.

Red and Gold

Technorati Authority: 555

The red and gold combination is a warm palette that communicates wealth. They are heavy, mature colors that evoke feelings of stability and strength, suggesting power and authority. This palette assures your users that they gain control of their financial situation.

Green and Blue

Technorati Authority: 579

This cool color palette of green and blue commands authority and inspires trust. It can help you look modern and youthful. Make use of whitespace strategically to increase the trust factor.

Blue and White

Technorati Authority: 633

This is THE most popular choice among financial websites. Blue makes us calm and serene, creating a sense of security and trust. You need all of this when working with financials. According to psychologists, the color blue stirs up images of authority, success and security.

Pink and Brown

Technorati Authority: 580

Pink usually doesn’t make the cut on financial websites because of the traditional views that it simply breaks from all associations with the niche. But, it can work. If you keep the overall design simple and elegant, with good contrasting font colors, it can make for an interesting and effective trend.

Black and Warm Rust

Technorati Authority: 590

Black is associated with authority and solidity, and a warm rust suggests down-to-earth values, making this color palette a great choice for a financial website. However, with this palette you should also make room for a lot of white space to let the design breathe.

Black and White

Technorati Authority: 617

The sophisticated and serious black and white color scheme gives an impression of modernity and experience in executive financial matters. It gives your website the overall tone of authority and business. You can always use a little splash of color to liven up the page.

In conclusion, when it comes to financial websites, keep the industry’s primary color scheme in mind but don’t feel compelled to strictly follow the traditional styles when branding your own financial business. An unorthodox choice of corporate color can be a great way to set your company apart from your competitors.

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