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Simple concepts bring successful results in business website design

Ordinary, unfangled theory that makes a lot of sense when it comes to establishing an online business presence: The more you go with simple concepts for your website, the better your results will be. Customers love simplicity. They yearn for simplicity when they’re visiting your website. They look for it and even thrive on it. […]

An internet presence means good business for increasing profit and brand recognition

“Giving my business a presence on the Web was the best move I ever made.” You’ll find this kind of statement often featured in advertising by internet technology companies who have assembled a variety of good-looking models to resemble their own satisfied customers. And they definitely look good. The models representing business owners we see […]

Business website design is not a one-shot deal

Keeping your business website updated and  operating efficiently is crucial to establishing a solid, profitable presence online. You don’t stick a website on the side of the Information Superhighway (the good ol’ Web to you and me) like it’s a billboard and expect it to promote your business in an actively profitable way. And yet, […]

Homespun business websites need professional edge to compete

Seems everybody has a son, a brother, cousin or nephew who builds  websites on the side. When these relatives design a website for a business or an organization, the owners of these sites think it’s “good enough” as-is.  Especially in those instances that someone from a professional web design firm contacts them about updating their […]

Expert web design requires just that…an expert

redesign my website

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  ~ Alexander Pope Last year, I undertook what I thought would be a fun and easy project.  I took on the task of putting together a subject-specific website for a family member trying to win a little contest at his workplace. Entrants only had to write a convincing, […]

Web design basics: Your best Internet customers tend to be finicky shoppers

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Business owners frequently chit-chat socially about their websites and brag about how their sites are getting a huge amount of traffic. Hits are great, but the real question is:  How well are those visitor numbers converting to actual sales? Especially when it comes to Internet savvy and professional bargain-hunting website customers like “moi.” We are […]

Web Design Basics: How clean is your internet “laundry” for launching your website?

You’re busy working with your website designer, discussing graphics, working on your page content and navigation, deciphering your site’s all-important keywords for search engine success. As a result of considerable planning and decision-making, you’re now focused on launching a magnificent sales-generating website to represent your business online. Your web design company has certainly performed enough […]