Halloween with Yelp!

Since moving to Indianapolis I’ve found out a few things: 1. I will take the wrong turn at least once when heading to a new location. 2. Yelp is my best friend. I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants and I have nooo clue what is around me. But – do you know what […]

Vine Accounts Worth Following

Over two years ago I started using the app Instagram. It wasn’t as popular as it is now at the time, but I always enjoyed taking photographs. I loved how Instagram made my photographic abilities look much more impressive than it they really are but often thought “why don’t they have a video app like […]

Julie Learns to Code: Codecademy Breakdown

Howdy, ya’ll! Hope everyone had a great weekend. As I said in my first “Julie Learns to Code” blog article, I started using Codecademy this weekend. I promised a breakdown of the platform for people interested, and so here it goes! I started with the “Web Fundamentals” course. For those new to coding – this […]

Facebook Takes on Hashtags

Did you notice it, or was it pointed out to you? Wondering what I’m talking about? Hashtags, of course! The infamous Twitter hashtags (#) have now made their way to Facebook! Thank goodness! What does this mean for a Facebook user? Well, one of the biggest advantages of adding hashtags to Facebook is that it provides […]

The Shift of Documentation over Experience

Just recently I stumbled upon a TED Talk given by Ricky Van Veen, co-creator of College Humor, about the future of social media. In the discussion, he talked about the concept that people share content online for one reason and one reason only: Identity creation. What is identity creation? It is how people share things […]

Social Media Myth 5: Social Media Marketing is a Waste of Time/Money

With so many social media platforms out there, it becomes difficult to keep tabs on everything! Due to this, business owners start asking the question “is this really worth it?” I’m here to tell you it is! In a recent report, the Social Media Examiner questioned 3000+ marketers, who provided very valuable insights about the […]

Social Media Myth 4: If You Put Something as “Private,” it Totally Is.

Privacy is an issue all over the internet. Just last December, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister posted what she thought was a private photo on Facebook and it spread across the internet right after its release. By posting something on social media – you must know that it has the potential to land in the […]

Social Media Myth 3: The More Followers/Fans/Likes, The Better

Many businesses starting out on social media, focus on the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers – desperately focusing on increasing those numbers.  If you do a quick Google search you will discover that there are many companies that offer their unique “services” that offer you hundreds, if not thousands of “real” followers for a small […]