Most Common Reasons Why Your Homepage Is Not Ranking

Most Common Reasons Why Your Homepage Is Not Ranking

Is your Home page not ranking at all while your blog seems to rank just fine? This problem of partial site ranking is not that uncommon. Today, this Phoenix web design company is going to share why that happens.

Lack of Content and Branding

The ranking of a Home page depends on the brand value of its website, plus the quality of content on that page. Sometimes, when a business website doesn’t have a blog, they underestimate the power of content even on their home page. Their home page only has product links, content categories, and navigation.

Since Google is really focused on content these days, you will have a hard time ranking if your home page doesn’t have any.

If you are a new business or website, you don’t have much authority or branding. Then it becomes even more crucial that your home page has high-quality content with the relevant keywords. If you don’t have thousands of backlinks pointing to your homepage, good content is the only way to rank it.

In case you want to focus less on content, you’d need to have a really strong branding for your business.

Image and Video Based Content on Home Page

Google doesn’t index image-based content and videos. They simply don’t have that technology yet. If your home page has a lot of content, but most of it is in the form of infographics, images, and videos, it will have a real hard time trying to rank for it.

Speaking of which, if your home page has Flash content, remove that immediately. Over the past few years, major web browsers have stopped loading Flash automatically due to security reasons.

Your Home Page was Remodeled Recently

Maybe you redesigned your site page, maybe the Google algorithm changed; whichever the case might be, it takes Google a bit of time to re-index your page. So stop worrying because even though you are not showing up in rankings yet, you will soon.

Your Home Page is in Violation of Google’s Usability Rules

Consider it like this: Google is the father and its users are his children. Father tries really hard to make life easier for its children. Why do you think Google updates its algorithms every other month? Because they have nothing better to do? No. It’s because user experience is the Holy Grail for them.

When it comes to UX design and functionality, Google has a set of rules and best practices. If your site page is violating even one of these rules, consider a serious tanking in your ranking (sorry for the bad pun).

So if your page text is too small to read, or your page layout is filled with ads right in the middle (instead of on the right side), or the color is too hard on eyes – your site visitors will suffer. Alongwith your page ranking.

Other than the above mentioned elements, ensure that you put some effort in building links to your homepage. Consider Guest Posting campaigns. Though the results won’t be immediate, but give it a little bit of time and you will notice significant rise in your ranking.

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