Categories and Tags vs Keywords: Which is Better for SEO?

Blogs are fun to write. They’re a great way to help people and Google understand your site and get to know your business a little more. Blogging is great for SEO because Google likes to see new content coming from your site. You may have heard the term “keyword” before, and you may know that […]

Is Google Changing Article Titles in the Search Results?

If you follow SEO News (which we understand if you don’t, that’s why you follow NEXTFLY for the latest SEO updates), the Twittersphere has been a buzz about Google Changing Article Titles on the SERP (search engine results page). Now, Google changes its algorithm all the time, why is this such a big deal now? […]

How Blogging Improves Your SEO

Remember when blogs were all the rage? Everyone you knew had a blog. Now with social media, more people are sharing updates in short tweets rather than maintaining a blog. You probably enjoy this more. It’s easier to keep up-to-date with friends and family on Twitter and Facebook rather than reading a bunch of blogs […]

Stay Away From These Common SEO Black Hat Practices

Stay Away From These Common SEO Black Hat Practices A lot of new online marketers and businesses enter the SEO industry with on goal in mind: getting on the page 1 search results of Google, as quickly as possible. There was a time when unethical tactics or what you may call Black Hat SEO practices […]

Spring has Sprung

It is officially Spring, which is the most amazing time of the year here in Arizona. The weather is absolutely amazing, and businesses are booming with the influx of visitors who are escaping the cold weather where they are from. Spring training games are going on all over the Valley. If you have never made […]

SEO: Local and Beyond

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SEO and Local SEO If you have a web-based company or just any business with a website at all you have probably heard of SEO, which stands Search Engine Optimization, and if you haven’t then you need to listen up. SEO is the process of improving your website’s ranking on search engines on the internet. […]

WWW vs Non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO?

WWW vs non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO? There’s more to Search Engine Optimization than ranking for keywords. One important part of a solid SEO strategy is to make sure that your website is easily accessible by users as well as the search bots. SEO plays a big role in facilitating the search engine bots […]

New Year New Site

Well, December is officially upon us and the rest of this year will really fly by thanks to the holiday rush. Company parties, shopping, family and wrapping it is all so wonderful and wonderfully stressful at the same time. Many people look at the new year as a new start. Out with the old and […]

Best White Hat Link Building Strategies for Your SEO Campaign

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If you are a newbie in the landscape of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, allow us to share some wisdom with you. There are no shortcuts when it comes to building quality links. No matter how many “6 steps to building quality links overnight” posts you read, it’s never going to happen. Sad. But […]

Rank Me Up Before You Go Go

Rank Me Up Before You Go Go   So, you have a website and you aren’t ranking as high as you’d like. Everyone needs a little help sometimes and your ranking can make all the difference in the world to your business.  Google likes to change its algorithm often and we have to keep up […]

How to Improve Your Search Ranking with Link Analysis

Improving your ranking in search results is a constant struggle for most businesses. Allow this Phoenix SEO agency to show you how to overcome that struggle with the help of link analysis tools. There are a lot of different tools that allow you to run an effective analysis of your keywords to improve your ranking […]

Is Your SEO Campaign truly Cost-Effective?

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How do you even measure the cost-benefit ratio for a SEO strategy? It is tough to look at a piece of content or a blog post and analyze its value. There are some aspects of Search Engine Optimization that are hard to quantify. Having said that, there are way you can compare the costs and […]

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