Using Location Keywords to Find Customers “Near Me”

When you search on Google for a certain type of business, location is an important factor. Many times, Google might fill in your search for you, by adding “near me” at the end of your search. “Florist Near Me,” “Restaurants Near Me,” “Contactors Near Me.” On the flip side, if you’re a business in the […]

Vulnerability in WooCommerce: What Should I Do?

WooCommerce is a great eCommerce platform through WordPress. On July 13th, 2021, WooCommerce sent an email out a warning about Vulnerability in WooCommerce. What does this mean and what should you do to prevent issues in your online store? NEXTFLY has many clients that use WooCommerce, and if you’re one of them, you should follow […]

Spring has Sprung

It is officially Spring, which is the most amazing time of the year here in Arizona. The weather is absolutely amazing, and businesses are booming with the influx of visitors who are escaping the cold weather where they are from. Spring training games are going on all over the Valley. If you have never made […]

Scientists Discovered these 4 Facts Convert Online Shoppers on an Ecommerce Site

Let’s talk about consumer psychology today. NEXTFLY is going to share with you some important psychological facts that greatly influence consumer’s buying behavior. Understanding how your customers think and what their motivations are when they’re on your site will help you in coming with tactics to use to reach out to them. Keep reading to know […]

WWW vs Non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO?

WWW vs non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO? There’s more to Search Engine Optimization than ranking for keywords. One important part of a solid SEO strategy is to make sure that your website is easily accessible by users as well as the search bots. SEO plays a big role in facilitating the search engine bots […]

Web Hosting

Web Hosting, What Is It And Why Do I Need it? Web Hosting is the service of a company providing space on their servers to host your website in order to make it visible on the internet. In today’s world, it has become a must-have. Thanks to the giant companies online shopping is the way […]

Company Check List

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our clients. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your business. We have had a great year and it is all because of you! If you are not a client of ours and are looking to get started this New Year with a new […]

New Year New Site

Well, December is officially upon us and the rest of this year will really fly by thanks to the holiday rush. Company parties, shopping, family and wrapping it is all so wonderful and wonderfully stressful at the same time. Many people look at the new year as a new start. Out with the old and […]

Estrella Web Design

Estrella Web Design Does your small business in Estrella need a website?  Look no further than Nextfly! As a resident of Estrella Mountain Ranch, I have helped many small businesses get their online presence up and running.  Nextfly is a full service firm with over 17 years in the web design industry.  If you are […]

Is Your SEO Campaign truly Cost-Effective?

Phoenix SEO & Web Design

How do you even measure the cost-benefit ratio for a SEO strategy? It is tough to look at a piece of content or a blog post and analyze its value. There are some aspects of Search Engine Optimization that are hard to quantify. Having said that, there are way you can compare the costs and […]

Moving To Goodyear!

Why did Nextfly build their new offices in Goodyear Arizona? So why would a well established Web Design Company in Phoenix decide to move their new offices to Goodyear? It’s because Goodyear is the new Silicon Valley. The explosive growth of the West along with giant corporations buying up all the land in Goodyear was […]

Turn Your Employees into Social Media Brand Agents

Business man with tie for Phoenix Web Design

Thinking of hiring marketing experts for your upcoming big product launch? Your favorite Phoenix web design company, NEXTFLY, has got a better (and cheaper) alternative for you! Social media platforms have increasingly become a common source for brands to engage with their client base and potential prospects. Some companies are taking it a step further […]

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