Categories and Tags vs Keywords: Which is Better for SEO?

Blogs are fun to write. They’re a great way to help people and Google understand your site and get to know your business a little more. Blogging is great for SEO because Google likes to see new content coming from your site. You may have heard the term “keyword” before, and you may know that […]

What is A Landing Page?

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You may have heard the term “Landing Page” thrown around when it comes to talking about your website marketing strategy. There is no page on your website that is called “landing page” so what is it? Simply put, a landing page is a standalone page from your website that directs people to specific products or […]

Design Trends

May is always one of my favorite months, it generally signifies the beginning of summer. The weather is warming up, the kids are winding down the school year and people are preparing for that big summer vacation coming up. This year May will be a little different. This year May brings hope of our country […]

New Year New Site

Well, December is officially upon us and the rest of this year will really fly by thanks to the holiday rush. Company parties, shopping, family and wrapping it is all so wonderful and wonderfully stressful at the same time. Many people look at the new year as a new start. Out with the old and […]

Why Is No One Reading My Blog?

There is nothing more frustrating than giving your time and pouring your heart and soul into a blog piece and then no one is reading it. Why is no one reading my blog? Human vs. Robot   Well, first of all don’t fret, even if there truly was not one single person reading your Blog, […]

Is Your SEO Campaign truly Cost-Effective?

Phoenix SEO & Web Design

How do you even measure the cost-benefit ratio for a SEO strategy? It is tough to look at a piece of content or a blog post and analyze its value. There are some aspects of Search Engine Optimization that are hard to quantify. Having said that, there are way you can compare the costs and […]

Bounce Rate Issues?

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Bounce Rate Issues   Several times this week I have had current clients and potential clients ask why their current bounce rate is so high on their website, or just general questions regarding bounce rate. The truth is, there are several factors that cause your website to have a high bounce rate, or how quickly […]

Language of Learning

Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task at first. I remember my first year of Spanish in high school and feeling so overwhelmed, I mean, I had no idea how to conjugate a verb or what a past participle was. I knew a few of the bad words but that wasn’t going to […]

Is SEM More Effective at Sales than Traditional Marketing?

SEM vs Traditional Marketing

A potential customer recently confided in us, “My CEO thinks you need a ginormous sales team to find customers! He thinks Google and online marketing are basically useless when it comes to land new clients.” As much as we’d like to say that we were aghast, the truth is we have heard that before. There […]

Top Tips You Must Read on Web Usability

Website Designer in Phoenix

Making your site useful for users is the key to achieving reach and conversions; otherwise what even is the point of having one. Phoenix web design brings to you a list of helpful web usability tips that can be easily employed and will do wonders for improving the user experience. Keep reading for tips that […]

Reach a Wider Audience with Original Content

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Creating brand-new, original content about a topic that’s been touched on by a million other bloggers is the easiest and fastest way to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. When you create content that is well-written, informative, and enjoyable to read, you set up yourself for a real-time success. Sometimes, one blog post […]

Sky is Blue…And So are Hyperlinks (Story time!)

A hyperlink or a link is an icon, graphic, or text in a webpage that links to another web page, document or object. The World Wide Web is comprised of hyperlinks linking trillions and trillions of pages and files to one another. Being one of the top web design companies in Phoenix, we’re here to […]

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